Advanced MRI Technologies - AMRIT

2015 ISMRM Workshop on Simultaneous Multi-Slice Imaging in Pacific Grove CA chaired by David Feinberg.

2015 NIH SBIR Phase II grant awarded to innovate highly efficient perfusion imaging.

2014 NIH BRAIN Initiative grant project to design the next generation human brain imaging for ultra-high spatial resolution of human cortex (MRCoG) is awarded to David Feinberg through University of California, Berkeley is awarded

2014 AMRIT innovates simultaneous multi-slice velocity imaging for hydrocephalus and CSF measurements.

2013 AMRIT scientists publish simultaneous multi-slice at high speed for fMRI (Chen L et al, Neuroimage 2013) and for ASL imaging (Feinberg, Beckett and Chen, Mag Res Med)

2010-11 AMRIT innovates simultaneous multi-slice (multiband, multiplexed MRI for 7 times faster fMRI and diffusion imaging

2010 AMRIT participation in the NIH Human Connectome Project.

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

2009 Merck Co. AMRIT collaborates with Redwood Regional Medical Group to conduct a human trial for Merck Co using MRI perfusion (ASL) MRI to assess Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Feinberg is Principle Investigator.

2009 License 3D ASL perfusion imaging to Siemens Medical Solutions, Worldwide. AMRIT supports development of Siemens Syngo 3D ASL product imaging.
2008 Awarded NIH grant on High Field 3D subsecond imaging for submillimeter resolution functional MRI
2007 Awarded NIH SBIR grant for innovation and development of 3D ASL brain perfusion imaging. Test