Advanced MRI Technologies - AMRIT

Company Profile

Advanced MRI Technologies, LLC (AMRIT) is a research and development company in the field of medical and scientific imaging. The main objective is to find new uses for MRI and to provide the technical knowledge needed to conduct medical and neuroscience studies with the advanced MRI methods. AMRIT is located in the town of Sebastopol in scenic Sonoma county, one hour drive north of San Francisco and in Berkeley, California. The specific focus of AMRIT is in brain, heart and cancer studies with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A short overview of what we do:

  • MRI Pulse Sequence innovation and development.
  • MRI research in diffusion, perfusion, ASL and functional MRI.
  • Development of custom image processing software.
  • Combination of Ultrasound with MRI for motion detection and therapy.
  • Consulting for study setups in the medical imaging, neuroimaging and drug trials
  • Technological and physical support for research sites
  • Study design for imaging studies in pharmacological research
  • Patent consulting and evaluation in medical imaging technology